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Approach To Healing

By leveraging innovative technology and the body’s natural ability to heal, we help our patients recover – getting them back to sports and their life as quickly as possible. Total Stem Cell is committed to providing you with a superior level of care in a compassionate and personalized environment. We are committed to restoring function to patients suffering from painful chronic musculoskeletal conditions. We are very proud of the relationships that we have established with our patients.

We are focused on maintaining your trust and confidence. We are especially honored that our patients have referred so many of their friends and relatives to our practice. We look forward to making lasting relationships with every patient we meet.

Dedicated To Excellence

We hold ourselves to an unmatched level of excellence in every aspect of our practice. This includes the care we provide, the equipment we use, the health and safety protocols we follow, and the services we offer. Above all, our aim is to provide each of our patients with an optimal Pain Management experience.

Experienced Regenerative Therapy Physicians

While many clinics advertise stem cell therapy, few offer the level of skill and experience provided by the team at TOTAL STEM CELL CLINIC. We are board-certified professionals who are fellowship trained and hold memberships in many professional organizations. Driven to constantly improve our knowledge and services we provide, we frequently attend conferences and society meetings to learn about recent advancements to offer these techniques and technologies to our patients. In all of these ways and more, we are able to provide our patients with the highest quality of care.

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The Importance Of Patient Education

A key part of prevention is knowing how health problems develop. At Total Stem Cell, we strongly believe that patient education is an integral part of the services we provide. In addition to talking with our patients during their exams, we have a ready supply of patient education materials in our office. We encourage our patients to read about their condition and ask us questions about how to stay healthy.


Don’t let joint damage, sports injuries and musculoskeletal ailments slow you down indefinitely. Schedule a free consultation at Total Stem Cell today, and let our team of world-class specialists heal your injury, deliver profound pain relief, and get you back to your active lifestyle.