Mesenchymal Therapy

Mesenchymal Therapy in San Diego

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a type of stem cell that can be found in various
tissues throughout the body, including bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue, and  the
umbilical cord. These cells are multipotent, which means they have the ability to
differentiate into a variety of cell types, including bone cells (osteocytes), cartilage
cells (chondrocytes), and fat cells (adipocytes), among others.

Total Stem Cell obtains mesenchymal stem cells from a unique, pre-mixed tissue matrix
allograft processed from human placental tissues. Not only does this matrix contain
mesenchymal stem cells, but it also comprises exosomes, collagens, growth factors and
other key biologic components. This matrix creates a natural micro environment to
ensure the highest viability and functionality.

Our mesenchymal stems have several key advantages for the best regenerative treatment.

  1. Highest number of active live cells, HCT/P.
  2. Highly qualified female donors.
  3. Highest level screening and testing of tissue and processing re-agents.
  4. State-of-the-art FDA registered processing facility.
  5. Team with 50 years combined experience.

Tissue Modulation Factors

Our mix of human cell and tissue product is processed from placental tissue that includes growth factors, fibronectin, laminin, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, and other proteins that may modulate correct tissue reconstruction rather than the formation of scar tissue.

Tissue Regeneration Potential

The stem matrix is a structural human cell and tissue product that contains collagens I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and fibrous proteins that provide a structural scaffold. Fibronectin, integrins, laminin, and hyaluronan also play a key role in proliferation, differentiation, and adherence to the scaffold.

Tissue Biochemical Environment

The stem matrix contains components that may help to create a healthy environment by potentially reducing bacteria counts. In published literature, these antibacterial effects have been demonstrated against a wide range of bacteria.

Tissue Fibrosis Regulation

Literature has shown that anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic proteins in placental tissue ECMs may reduce inflammation, fibrous tissue growth, and potential scar tissue formation as they upregulate TGF-B, suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines, and inhibit MMPs and fibroblast formation.

Tissue Inert Immunology

Placental tissues possess little risk of foreign body reactions in patients. Placental tissue has been shown to help prevent a immunogenic response between baby and mother during pregnancy.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Procedure

Mesenchymal stem cells can be administered through an IV or injected directly into the painful area/joint to speed the healing process. Often times, the mesenchymal injection will include PRP for optimal rejuvenation.


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